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7/8 meter


A Solis Ortus
accent command
acknowledge of manuscript access
Act number
AFR reference record
AGN reference record
AIN reference record
Albanian title
alias name, composer
alternative title
amalgamating movements into a single score
ampersand, &
AMT reference record
analysis, twelve-tone
analytic information
anchors in regular expressions
AND-searches using xargs
Andante section
Appendix I: Humdrum Reference Records
Appendix II: Instrumentation Codes
Arabic title
Armenian title
ASCII language setting
assemble command documentation
assembling parts using the assemble command
assemble command use
assembling full scores
assembling parts
associated work
AST reference record
attributed composer
augmented melodic intervals
augmented sixths, French
augmented sixths, German
augmented sixths, Italian
authentic cadences
authorship information
awk programming language
Azeri title


background command (&)
Barber, Samuel
barlines representation documentation
barlines, leading
barlines, number of
basic regular expressions
beaming, crossing phrase boundaries
Bengali title
Berardi, Angelo
birthdate, composer
birthdate, performer
brass instruments
breath marks
Bulgarian title
Byrd, William


cadences, authentic
cadences, classification of
cadences, deceptive
cadences, marking of
cadences, plagal
Caldara, Antonio
Cambodian title
Cantonese title
Casella, Alfredo
cmp command
cat command
catalogue abbreviation and number
catalogue number
CDT reference record
census command documentation
census command use
cents command documentation
cents command use
comparing files using cmp
**cents representation documentation
changing tempo
character classes in regular expressions
checksum validation number
Chevalier, Maurice
chords, closed position
chords, open position
chords, permuted harmonic intervals
citation, electronic
citation, electronic
city of composition
classify cadences
closed position chords
cleave command documentation
cleave command use
CNT reference record
commands, sample
command delimiter (;)
command syntax for shell
comment (#)
comment records
comment records
composer's alias
composer's dates
composer's name
composer's nationality
composer, attributed
composer, corporate
composer, suspected
composition, city of
composition, country of
composition, date of
composition, place of
composition, town of
composition, village of
compound meters
context command documentation
context command use
context anchors in regular expressions
control using the tac command
copyright date for electronic document
copyright information
copyright message
copyright notice
copyright owner for electronic document
copyright year for original document
copyright, country of
corporate composer
correl command documentation
correl command use
**correl representation documentation
consecutive fifths
consecutive octaves
counting data
counting pattern occurrences using grep -c
country of composition
country of copyright
Croatian title
crossing of parts
Csound, the kern2cs command
Czech title


Danish title
data, heart-rate
data, physiological
data, pitch-class
data records
data scrolling during playback
data sub-tokens
data tokens
date encoded
date of composition
date of electronic edition release
date of first performance
date of first publicaton
**date representation documentation
dates, composer
dates, performer
db command use
**dB representation documentation
death-date, composer
death-date, performer
Debussy, Claude
Debussy, Claude
deceptive cadences
deceptive cadences, marking of
deg command documentation
deg command use
**deg representation documentation
degree command documentation
**degree representation documentation
delimiter (;)
diminished melodic intervals
**diss representation documentation
ditto command documentation
ditto command use
document modification description
document, original copyright year
document, original owner
document, original
Dorian mode
double barlines, absence of
double sharps
doubled leading tone
doubled seventh scale degree
doubling of leading tone
dur command
**dur representation documentation
duration, longest note
Dutch title
DSCH pitch sequence
**dyn representation
**dynam and **dyn representations
dynamics, crescendo-diminuendo
dynamics, diminuendo-crescendo
dynamics, dips
dyanmics, gradual
dynamics, swells
dyanmics, terraced


edition, version of electronic document
editor, electronic document
EED reference record
EEV reference record
EFL reference record
Elgar, Edward
electronic citation
electronic citation
electronic copyright, date and owner
electronic document modification description
electronic document, encoder
electronic edition version
electronic edition, publisher
electronic edition, release date
electronic editor
**embel representation documentation
emotionality (in vocal text)
ENC reference record
encode command documentation
encode command use
enharmonic transposition
encoded language
encoder of electronic document
encoding status
English title
English translation
escape character in regular expressions
Estonian title
examples of regular expressions
exposed octaves
extended regular expressions
extract command documentation
extract command use
extract recapitulation
extract ripieno parts
extract second theme
extract tenor part
extract third verse


Fauré, Gabriel
fields command documentation
fifths, consecutive
file number
file redirection
filtering data
find command
using find with the xargs command
Finnish title
first performance, date
first publication, place of
first publicaton, date of
first publisher
Flemish title
fmt command
for statement, flow of control
form designation
Franck, Cesar
French sixths
French Solfège representation
French title
French translation
freq command documentation
freq command use
**freq representation documentation
fretted instruments
**fret representation documentation
full scores, assembling parts
further reference recorde codes


Gaelic title
generating a set matrix
genre designation
German sixths
German title
German Tonöhe representation
German translation
Gilbert & Sullivan
Ginastera, Alberto
Goldberg Variations. J.S. Bach
grace notes
gradual dyanmics
Greek title
Gregorian chant
grep command (simple searches)
grep command (more advanced searches)
grep -f command
grep -n command
grep -c command


HAO reference record
Haydn, Franz Joseph
**harm representation documentation
harmonic intervals, ignoring unisons
harmonic intervals, implied
harmonic intervals, permuted
harmonic intervals
harmony, implied
hash (#)
heart-rate data
Hebrew title
Hendrix, Jimi
heterophonic works
hierarchical sections
highest note
Hildegard of Bingen
Hindi title
hint command documentation
hint command use
**hint representation documentation
HTX reference record
humdrum command documentation
humdrum command use
Humdrum-extended regular expressions
Humdrum, reference records
Humdrum syntax
Humdrum syntax
Humdrum syntax
Humdrum syntax
Humdrum tools
Humdrum tools
humsed command documentation
using the humsed and sed commands
humsed command use
humver command documentation
humver command use
Hungarian title


Icelandic title
identical texts
identification information
if statement, flow of control
ignoring unisons in harmonic intervals
implied harmonic intervals
implied harmony
imprint information
inner melodic intervals, unvoiced
instrumentation codes
instrumentation, brass
instrumentation, cornet
instrumentation, cornet without trumpet
instrumentation, flute
instrumentation, generate a list
instrumentation, keyboards
instrumentation, percussion
instrumentation, reference record
instrumentation, ripieno
instrumentation, shakuhachi
instrumentation, shamisen
instrumentation, strings
instrumentation, trumpet
instrumentation, trumpet
instrumentation, trumpet "repelling" flute
instrumentation, voice range
instrumentation, voice quality
instrumentation, winds
instrumentation, woodwinds
interpretation records
interval vector
intervals, absolute
intervals, compound melodic
intervals, consecutive
intervals, contour
intervals, "distance"
intervals, harmonic
intervals, harmonic
intervals, harmonic - ignoring unisons
intervals, melodic
intervals, melodic absolute
intervals, melodic, augmented
intervals, melodic, compound
intervals, melodic, diminished
intervals, melodic, distance
intervals, melodic, simple
intervals, melodic, types of
intervals, melodic unvoiced inner
intervals, parallel
intervals, parts separated by more than an octave
intervals, simple melodic
infot command documentation
**IPA representation
**IPA representation documentation
ISO pitch representation
Italian sixths
Italian title
iv command documentation
iv command use
**iv representation documentation


Japanese title
Japanese translation
Javanese title
Joplin, Scott
Josquin des Prez


kern command documentation
**kern representation
**kern representation documentation
kern2cs command
key command documentation
key, identifying changes of
key, identifying passages in a minor
key, identifying passages in a specific
key interpretations
keyboard instruments
Klezmer music
Korean title


Landowska, Wanda
language of encoding
Latin title
Latvian title
layer analysis
leading barlines
leading tone, doubling of
leading tone, doubling of
Lennon, John
Liber Usualis
literals in regular expressions
Lithuanian title
location of performance
location, manuscript
longest note
longest duration
longest staccato note
lowest note
lyrics, extract third verse
lyrics, identical


Mahler, Gustav
Malayalam title
Mandarin title
manuscript, acknolwedgement of access
manuscript, location of
manuscript, source
marking of cadences
mask command
matrix, generating a set matrix
McCartney, Paul
melac command documentation
**melac representation documentation
melodic intervals, augmented
melodic intervals, diminished
meter, 7/8
meter, classification of
meters, change of
meters, compound
metpos command
metpos command documentation
metpos command use
**metpos representation documentation
metric classification
midi command
midi command documentation
midi command use
MIDI output
**MIDI representation documentation
midreset command documentation
minor keys, identify passages in
minor key, with "death" in title
mint command documentation
mint command use
**mint representation documentation
modification description of electronic document
Mongolian title
Mosolov, Alexandr
movement name
movement number
movements, amalgamating into a single score
multiple stops
musical uses of regular expressions
Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich


name of movement
name, arranger
name, attributed composer
name, collector
name, commission
name, composer alias
name, conductor
name, dedication
name, first publisher
name, librettist
name, lyricist
name, orchestrator
name, performer
name, performer
name, stage
name, suspected composer
name, translator (or text)
nationality, composer
Neapolitan sixths
nf command documentation
nf command use
normal form
Norwegian title
Nota Bene
note, highest
note, lowest
note on representation
null tokens
num command documentation
number, of Act
number, of barlines
number, of movement
number, of Scene
number, of work
number, opus


OCY reference record
octaves, consecutive
octaves, exposed
ODE reference record
ODT reference record
OMV reference record
OPC reference record
open position chords
OPR reference record
OPS reference record
opus number
OR logical operator in regular expressions
OR-searches using grep -f
orchestration, cornet without trumpet
**ordo representation documentation
original document copyright year
original document owner
original document
original language
OTL reference record
output, file redirection
output redirection
overlapping parts


parallel fifths
parallel octaves
parent work
part crossing
part overlapping
patt command documentation
patt command use
pattern command documentation
pattern command use
pattern counting using grep -c
pattern locations using grep -n
pc command documentation
pc command use
**pc representation documentation
pcset command documentation
pcset command use
**pcset representation documentation
PDT reference record
percussion instruments
perfect fifths, consecutive
perfect fifths, parallel
perfect octaves, consecutive
perfect octaves, parallel
perform command
perform command documentation
perform command use
performance information
performance, date
performance, location
performer's dates
performer, suspected
period designation
permuted harmonic intervals
pf command documentation
pf command use
physiological data
Piaf, Edith
pipe (|)
pipeline tips
The Pirates of Penzance. Gilbert & Sullivan
pitch command documentation
pitch command use
**pitch representation documentation
pitch, highest
pitch, lowest
pitch range
pitch processing
pitch representation
pitch representation, French
pitch representation, German
pitch translations
pitch translations
pitch-class, analysis
pitch-class sets, interval vector
pitch-class data
pitch-class sets, normal form
pitch-class sets, prime form
pitch-class sets, set matrix
pizzicato marks
place of composition
place of first publication
place of performance
plagal cadences
Platters, The
playback, data scrolling
Polish title
popular title
Portugese title
PPP reference record
PPR reference record
prime form
proof command documentation
proof command use
publication status
publisher of electronic edition
publisher's catalogue number


quality, voice
quotation marks, single quotes
quotation marks, double quotes


range, out of
range, voice
recapitulation, second theme
recapitulation, possible
**recip representation documentation
recode command documentation
recode command use
record command documentation
record command use
records, comment
records, comments
records, data
records, interpretations
records, reference
records, types of
redirected output
reference information
reference records
reference records
reference records, further codes
reference record, AFR
reference record, AGN
reference record, AIN
reference record, AMT
reference record, AST
reference record, CDT
reference record, CNT
reference record, EED
reference record, EEV
reference record, EFL
reference record, ENC
reference record, OCY
reference record, ODE
reference record, ODT
reference record, OMV
reference record, OPC
reference record, OPR
reference record, OPS
reference record, OTL
reference record, PDT
reference record, PPP
reference record, PPR
reference record, SCT
reference record, SMA
reference record, VTS
reference record, XEN
reference record, YEC
reference record, YEM
reference record, YEN
reference record, YEP
reference record, YER
regexp command documentation
regular expressions
regular expressions, basic
regular expressions, character classes
regular expressions, context anchors
regular expressions, escape character
regular expressions, examples
regular expressions, examples in Humdrum
regular expressions, extended
regular expressions, Humdrum extensions
regular expressions, literals
regular expressions, musical uses
regular expressions, OR logical operator
regular expressions, repetition operators
regular expressions, wild-card
reihe command documentation
reihe command use
release date of electronic edition
rend command documentation
rend command use
repetition operators in regular expressions
representation information
representation note
representation warning
retrograde controls using the tac command
rid command
rid command documentation
rid command use
Romanian title
row finding
Russian title


sample commands
scale degree
Scene number
scholarly catalogue (unabbreviated) name
scores, assembling parts
scramble command documentation
scramble command use
scrolling of data during playback
SCT reference record
sdiss command
searching, reference information
searching using grep
searching with regular expressions
sections in scores
sections, hierarchical
sed and humsed commands
segmentation, pitch-class
segmentation, use of rests in
semicolon (;)
semits command documentation
semits command use
**semits representation documentation
Serbian title
serial analysis
set matrix, generation of
seventh scale degree, doubling of
sharp, double
shell (I)
shell (II)
shell (III)
shell (IV)
shell background command (&)
shell command delimiter (;)
shell command syntax
shell comment (#)
shell evaluation using greve (`)
shell, pipe (|)
shell programs
shell quotation marks, single quotes
shell quotation marks, double quotes
shell special characters
shell special characters (more)
shell tee command
shell variables
shell wildcard (*)
Shostakovich, DSCH pitch sequence
Sibelius, Jan
simil command documentation
**simil representation documentation
simil command use
simile, in vocal text
Sinatra, Frank
sixths, French
sixths, German
sixths, Italian
sixths, Neapolitan
Slovak title
Slovenian title
SMA reference record
smf command documentation
smf command use
smf command
solfa command documentation
solfa command use
**solfa representation documentation
Solfège, French pitch representation
solfg command documentation
solfg command use
**solfg representation documentation
sonata-allegro movements
songs, identical
sort command
sorting data
sound analysis
source, manuscript
Spanish title
**specC representation documentation
special characters in shell
**spect representation
**spect representation documentation
spiccato marks
spine paths
staccato note, longest
stage name
stats command
stream editing
string instruments
strophe command documentation
strophe command use
strophic passages
style, bebop
style designation
suspected composer
suspected performer
synco command documentation
synco command use
**synco representation documentation
syntax for shell commands
Syrinx. C. Debussy
Syrinx. C. Debussy
Swahili title
Swedish title
Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon
syntax, Humdrum
syntax, Humdrum
systematic musicology


tac command
tacet command
tacet command documentation
tacet command use
Tailleferre, Germaine
Takemitsu, Toru
**takt representation documentation
Tallis, Thomas
Tamil title
tempo, changing during playback
tenor part
terraced dyanmics
text command
**text representation documentation
text, language of
text, alliteration
text, simile
text, word sounds
texts, identical
Thai title
thru command documentation
thru command use
Tibetan title
**time representation documentation
timebase command documentation
timebase command use
title, alternative
title, popular
title in Albanian
title in Arabic
title in Armenian
title in Azeri
title in Bengali
title in Bulgarian
title in Cambodian
title in Cantonese
title in Croatian
title in Czech
title in Danish
title in Dutch
title in English
title in Estonian
title in Finnish
title in Flemish
title in French
title in Gaelic
title in German
title in Greek
title in Hebrew
title in Hindi
title in Hungarian
title in Icelandic
title in Italian
title in Japanese
title in Javanese
title in Korean
title in Latin
title in Latvian
title in Lithuanian
title in Malayalam
title in Mandarin
title in Mongolian
title in Norwegian
title in Polish
title in Portugese
title in Romanian
title in Russian
title in Serbian
title in Slovak
title in Slovenian
title in Spanish
title in Swahili
title in Swedish
title in Tamil
title in Thai
title in Tibetan
title in Turkish
title in Ukranian
title in Urdu
title in Vietnamese
title in Welsh
title in Xhosa
title in Zulu
tokens, data
tokens, null
tokens, sub
tone-row analysis
tonh command documentation
tonh command use
Tonöhe, German pitch representation
**Tonh representation documentation
town of composition
trans command
trans command documentation
trans command use
transposing instruments
translation, English
translation, French
translation, German
translation, Japanese
translator (or text)
transposition: Dorian mode
transposition: enharmonic
transposition: up a minor third
troubleshooting, general
Turkish title
twelve-tone analysis
types of records
type of work designation


Ukranian title
uniq command
uniq command options
unisons, ignoring in harmonic intervals
Urdu title
urrhythm command documentation
**URrhythm representation documentation
user-defined signifiers


validation checksum number
veritas command documentation
veritas command use
version of electronic edition
Vietnamese title
village of composition
vocal quality
vocal range
vocal text, emotionality of
vocal text, simile
voice quality
voice range
volume, of work
vox command documentation
vox command use
**vox# representation documentation
VTS reference record


warning concerning representation
Webern, Anton von
Welsh title
whole-tone set
Why Do I Use My Paper Ink and Pen. Byrd, William
Wieck, Clara
wild-card in regular expressions
wildcard in shell
wind instruments
woodwind instruments
word sounds
work identification information
work number
work title
work volume


xargs command
xargs, using find with the xargs command
xdelta command documentation
xdelta command use
XEN reference record
Xhosa title


yank command documentation
yank command use
ydelta command documentation
ydelta command use
YEC reference record
YEM reference record
YEN reference record
YEP reference record
YER reference record


Zarlino, Gioseffo
**Zeit representation documentation
Zulu title

Items to be processed:
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx **kern representation **MIDI representation melodic intervals intervals, melodic types of melodic intervals melodic intervals, types of mint command melodic intervals, unvoiced inner unvoiced inner melodic intervals melodic "distance" intervals mint -s command simple melodic intervals compound melodic intervals melodic intervals, compound melodic intervals, simple diatonic intervals diatonic melodic intervals melodic intervals, diatonic absolute intervals pitch contour contour, pitch contour, interval mint command XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Calculating Melodic Intervals Using the xdelta Command Selecting Musical Parts and Passages Extracting Spines: The extract Command Extraction by Interpretation Using extract in Pipelines Extracting Spines that Meander Field-Trace Extracting Extracting_Passages: The yank Command Yanking by Marker Yanking by Delimiters Yanking by Section Examples Using yank Using yank in Pipelines Aligning Durations Using the timebase Command Assembling N-tuplets Checking an Assembled Score Using proof Other Uses for the timebase Command Additional Uses of assemble and timebase Simple Substitutions Selective Elimination of Data Eliminate Everything But... Deleting Data Records Adding Information Multiple Substitutions Switching Signifiers Executing from a File Writing to a File Reading a File as Input Harmonic Intervals Types of Harmonic Intervals Harmonic Intervals Using the hint Command Propagating Data Using the ditto Command Using the ditto and hint Commands Determining Implicit Harmonic Intervals The ydelta Command More Examples Using the ydelta Command creating inventories Filtering Data with the rid Command Inventories for Multi-spine Inputs Sorting By Frequency of Occurrence Counting with the wc Command Excluding or Seeking Rare Events Transforming and Editing Inventory Data Further Examples Heart Beats and Other Esoterica The **fret Representation Additional Features of **fret Musical Contexts Harmonic Progressions Using context with the -b and -e Options Using context with sed and humsed Linking context Outputs with Inputs Using context with the -p Option Strophes, Verses and Repeats Section Labels Expansion Lists Using yank to Extract Sections Using the thru Command to Expand Encodings Alternative Versions Section Types Using the yank and thru Commands Strophic Representations Using the strophe and thru Commands Searching for Patterns Using patt's Tag Option Matching Multiple Records Using the patt Command The pattern Command Patterns of Patterns Classifying Intervals Clarinet Registers Open and Close Position Chords Flute Fingering Transitions Classifying with humsed Classifying Cadences Orchestration Rhythm The **recip Representation Classifying Durations Using yank with the timebase Command Changes of Stress A Script for Identifying Transgressions of Voice-Leading (1) Parts Out Of Range (2) Augmented/Diminished Melodic Intervals (3) Consecutive Fifths or Octaves (4) Doubled Leading Tone (5) Avoid Unisons (6) Crossed Parts (7) Parts Separated by Greater than an Octave (8) Overlapped Parts Using a Template with correl Defining Edit Penalties Moving Signifiers Between Spines The rend Command The cleave Command Creating Mixed Representations Text and Lyrics The **text and **silbe Representations Rhythmic Feet in Text Concordance Word Painting Emotionality Other Types of Language Use The **dB Representation Processing Dynamic Information Terraced Dynamics MIDI Dynamics Differences and Similarities Comparing Files Using diff Comparing Inventories -- The comm Command MIDI Input Tools Repertoires and Links Content Searching Repertoires As File Links Automatic Parsing of Input Data Arithemtic Operations Conditional Statements Assigning Variables Manipulating Character Strings The for Loop Classifying Phonemes Properties of Vowels Vowel Coloration Rhyme and Rhyme Schemes Serial Processing Pitch-Class Representation Prime Form and Normal Form Interval Vectors Using the iv Command Segmentation Using the context Command Locating and Identifying Tone-Rows Sound and Spectra The SHARC Database and spect Command Electronic Music Editing The Process of Electronic Editing Establishing the Goal Documenting Encoded Data Sources Selecting a Sample from Some Repertory Encoding Instrument Identification Editing Sections Editorialisms in the **kern Representation Adding Reference Information Proof-reading Materials Data Integrity Using the VTS Checksum Record Preparing a Distribution Comparison Repertory Autophase Procedure Encoding Errors Searching Tips Conclusion Pursuing a Project with Humdrum