PDF scans of the paper version of the Humdrum User's Guide are available here. PDF scans of the Humdrum Toolkit Reference Manual are also available from the same link.

Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents

How to Use This Bookiii
1 Humdrum: A Brief Tour1
2 Representing Music Using **kern (Part I)9
3 Some Initial Processing20
4 Basic Pitch Translations29
5 Humdrum Syntax41
6 Representing Music Using **kern (Part II)52
7 MIDI Output Tools61
8 The Shell (I)68
9 Searching with Regular Expressions75
10 Musical Uses of Regular Expressions84
11 Melodic Intervals92
12 Selecting Musical Parts and Passages103
13 Assembling Scores117
14 Stream Editing130
15 Harmonic Intervals139
16 The Shell (II)150
17 Creating Inventories156
18 Fingers, Footsteps and Frets165
19 Musical Contexts176
20 Strophes, Verses and Repeats191
21 Searching for Patterns201
22 Classifying212
23 Rhythm223
24 The Shell (III)235
25 Similarity242
26 Moving Signifiers Between Spines256
27 Text and Lyrics263
28 Dynamics279
29 Differences and Similarities290
30 MIDI Input Tools297
31 Repertoires and Links300
32 The Shell (IV)307
33 Word Sounds314
34 Serial Processing323
35 Layers333
36 Sound and Spectra370
37 Electronic Music Editing376
38 Systematic Musicology387
39 Troubleshooting394
40 Conclusion399
Appendix I: Humdrum Reference Records411
Appendix II: Instrumentation Codes416
Index to Problems416
Index to Musicians, Works and Genres425
General Index428

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