Supplementary Humdrum Commands

The following supplementary commands include (1) new commands that are distributed with Humdrum 2.2 but for which on-line reference information is not currently available; (2) maintenance and development tools, such as those used to build themefinder databases.

barks translate frequency data to critical bands, in Zwicker's "bark" units
cbr translate frequency data to critical band rate, according to Moore & Glasberg's equation
cocho translate frequency data to cochlear coordinates, in millimeters from the apex
diss estimate sensory dissonance for spectral inputs, according to Kameoka & Kuriyagawa's method
dur calculate time duration (in seconds) from musical durations (**recip or **kern)
fade modify **MIDI data to effect a fade-in or fade-out
ekern translate ESAC music representation to **kern format
melvel generate melodic velocity (in semitones per quarter duration) for **kern inputs
ms generate postscript musical notation output, using Arkkra's Mup
muse2kern translate MuseData music representation to **kern
stats calculate basic statistical measures for any numerical input
specc translate spectral data to spectral centroid
spect generate spectral data from note information using the SHARC timbre database
text generate (word-oriented) **text output from (syllable-oriented) **silbe input
themefinderweb-based thematic database software