Representation: **melac

Humdrum Representation for Melodic Accent


**melac – melodic accent representation


The **melac representation is used to characterize the degree of pitch-related stress (melodic accent) for successive moments. Three types of tokens are recognized by **melac: stress-tokens, rests, and barlines. Stress-tokens encode decimal values ranging between 0 (no stress) and 1 (maximum stress). Barlines are represented using the “common system” for barlines – see **barlines**.


It is recommended that files containing predominantly **melac data should be given names with the distinguishing `.mac’ extension.


The following table summarizes the **melac mappings of signifiers and signifieds.

0-9 melodic accent values specified as integer
  or real value; measure numbers
r rest
= barline; == double barline
=; barline with pause sign

Summary of ***melac** Signifiers*


The following sample document shows a single spine of **melac data for the bass line of J. S. Bach’s two-part keyboard Invention No. 1. The corresponding ****kern** and ****semits** representations are also shown:

!! J.S. Bach, Two-part Invention 1 (BWV 772) **kern **semits **melac *C: *C: *C: *M4/4 *M4/4 *M4/4 =1 =1 =1 2r r r 16r r r 16C -12 1 16D -10 0.33 16E -8 0.221 16F -7 0.556 16D -10 0.121 16E -8 0.241 16C -12 0.121 =2 =2 =2 8G -5 0.241 8GG -17 0.17 4r r r 16r r r 16G -5 1 16A -3 0.33 16B -1 0.221 16c 0 0.556 16A -3 0.121 16B -1 0.241 16G -5 0.121 =3 =3 =3 *- *- *-

Notice that melodic accent values can be either real or integer values. Rests are represented by the single letter `r’.


The following Humdrum command produces **melac data as output:

  **melac** calculate melodic accent values for successive pitches


The following tandem interpretations can be used in conjunction with **melac:

meter signatures *M6/8
key signatures *k[f#c#]
key *c#:

Tandem interpretations for ***melac***


`` barlines, melac, **semits, semits``