This document describes how to install the Humdrum Toolkit.


Welcome to the Humdrum Toolkit -- software tools for music researchers. This guide describes how to install the Humdrum Toolkit on your UNIX/Linux, MacOS X, Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Apple MACH-10, DOS, or OS/2 system.


Since this software is not a commercial product, no user support is available. Your comments and suggestions are welcome, although we cannot guarantee that your correspondence will be answered. This Installation Guide and the associated documentation are your principal sources of information.

Software Design Distribution
David Huron Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities
Testing and Debugging Programming
Tim Racinsky Tim Racinsky, Kyle Dawkins, David Huron
Paul von Hippel Keith Orpen, Craig Sapp
Documentation Financial Assistance
David Huron Social Science & Humanities Research Council of Canada

Copyright 1993, 1999 David Huron

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